i work with weirdos.

i’m an integrative shadow work coach – which is no wonder, since i’ve always been drawn to the eerie and mysterious.

fear isn’t a conscious choice, it’s an unconscious thing.

so, you need a coach who knows how fear and the unconscious mind work. good thing you found me.

who am i?

an october libra who never grew out of my goth phase and turned it into the most fulfilling career i could ever dream of.

i took my love of horror, roller coasters, and the unloved underbelly of the world, paired it with my life’s calling to help humans who are ready to write their own reality, and found my passion in the overlap.

i love love love working with weirdos, and i live for the DEEP, shadowy, skeletons-in-the-closet work that you don’t dream of taking to anyone else.

fear is beautiful. it protects us, guides us, keeps us safe. hope and fear are two sides of the same coin. it’s a compass, a thermometer, an electric fence. it can set your body in so many different ways: running for comfort and familiarity, or ready to tear the throat out of whatever is threatening you or what you love. it is only when a fear is repeatedly indulged in unhealthy ways that it becomes an adversary.

my approach takes the whole entirety of your fear experience and turns it into something wonderful. it’s more than phobia resolution. when you work with fear through your unconscious mind, when you show yourself that you can be 50% braver in ANY aspect of your life, those changes reverberate in every single area of your life.

a student

― certified integrative hypnotist (Center for Integrative Hypnosis)

― certified integrative changeworker/life coach (Ethical Coaching Collective & International Association of Counselors & Therapists)

― interaction design (Savannah College of Art and Design)

― birth & postpartum doula (Childbirth International)

― always looking for more learning opportunities about the human mind and spirit, trauma, and helping people change

A witch

― self-taught since I was a kid!

― professional tarot reader for going on a decade

― primary practice in trance work, divination, lunar cycles, and astrology

― specialty in shadow work for magical practitioners


― libra sun, capricorn moon, leo rising. infp. 2w3.

― queer, in the gay way and in the system-disrupting way

― a mother of four beautiful, precious, brilliant children

― autistic & so proud to be

― COVID-conscious (i still mask and stay out of busy indoor places!)

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